About me…

I am a follower of Jesus who wants to help others follow Jesus.


Since 1992

I married my college sweet heart Lisa and together we have three older children.  We love life together.

Pastor of Various Forms at Westwood Church (Unofficial Title)

Since 1995 I have served as the youth pastor, children’s pastor, assimilation and small groups pastor (not very popular), young adult’s pastor, adult ministries pastor, interim lead pastor, and finally the groups pastor.

Pursuing Jesus

I’d love to say that all of my thinking and behavior goes towards this, but it doesn’t.  I can say I am growing into someone who pursues the one person who loves me completely.

Loving Well

Starting with my wife, then my kids, and finally everyone else, I want people to say that he loved me well (Unless I didn’t.  Then I want you to be honest with me).

The Bible

Right belief, action and emotion, flows from right understanding.  Through the Holy Spirit and community I believe the Bible, as understood by the original readers and applied to our life context is the only source for faith and life.